Futuristic image of a grey metal inner tube with ventilations holes creating a futuristic feel

Commercial Divisions

The company offers a variety of services and manufactures a range of products for the automotive industry:

Stainless Steel Tube Manufacture

The tubing outside diameter varies from 19 mm up to 76 mm with a wall thickness of up to 3 mm. The company produces both austenitic and ferritic stainless steel tubes.

Tube Manipulation & Assembly

This includes multi radius pipe bending, pipe cutting and forming, MIG, TIG & Spot welding and the assembly of pipes.

Laser Line for Large Diameter Tubes

This line was developed primarily for the catalytic converter programme for Tenneco and is capable of producing tubing 100mm – 350mm in diameter, with a length of up to 600mm.

It has the capacity to produce round, oval and triangular tubes according to customer specification. A CNC roller allows for shape flexibility.